LDS returned missionary writes inspirational rap song

LDS returned missionary writes inspirational rap song

PLEASANT VIEW — A recently returned missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is taking the Internet by storm with his unique rap mashup.

Colby Ferrin wrote the first part of his rap in August 2013, just before he left on his mission to Mexico City.

In the video, he throws down rhymes not traditionally used in rap music, such as “Send me now, in cheer I go. With Christ, there’s no fear I know. Goodbye to the 18 years I’ve known. Watch out world, here I go.”

The lyrics illustrate the anticipation Ferrin feels as he prepares to leave his family and embark on two years of service to teach others about the LDS Church and Jesus Christ.

As the video shifts to August 2015, an older and seemingly wiser Ferrin continues to rap about his mission, but this time, he has a different perspective.

“… have you ever been hated or discriminated against? Preached love and peace, and received pain and offense?” Ferrin raps. “… see I gave up sleep, so they could find rest. Shed tears, so they could cry less. My family gave up two years of being together, so that other families could be joined together forever.”

Ferrin, a new Brigham Young University student studying English, told he wrote the chorus of the second part of his rap before he left, but saved the verse for his return so he could use his experience as inspiration.

“As a missionary, you learn to share the gospel, which is the good news of eternal life and happiness in Jesus Christ with the world,” Ferrin said. “And I feel like with music or songs or even raps that I create, I really want to share that message in an interesting, creative way.”

Ferrin added that he wants to share videos that show the world immorality isn’t necessary to provide great entertainment.

“That’s really been my goal with all of this to be able to share goodness, share this happy message in a way that maybe it has not been shared before through rap and through music.”

Ferrin said he plans to upload more videos to his YouTube channel, and not all of them will be church-related, though he wants to continue to spread the message of morality.

As of Sunday afternoon, the Facebook video had more than 265,000 views. The video has been viewed around the world, Ferrin said.

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